About us


The Company has been estabilished in 1969 By Mura Family, already involved in hosiery business from 1956.
From small Company is become a world-wide known mid-size enterprise, always working in the high quality range of the market.
Calzificio MURA shows a very diversify offer being present in different channels of distribution.
The production is made in three plants located in the District for the production of tights for women (Asola-Mantova).


Calzificio MURA wants always to be a very good hosiery manufactured, with handcraft ability and care at the same time, by using the modern technology, to give the best answers to the market enquires.




  • Offer: own brands for any market's channels and very good know how for Private Labels.
  • Dimension: Calzificio MURA holds the complete production proceeding: knitting, sewing, Dyeing, packing, but remains a mid-size Company very flexible and light.
  • Research: we develop by our own the different products.
  • Markets: we operate all around the world and exports the 65% of the turnover.


MURA: It started in 1972, shows the best styles of our Company by offering a very interesting range of medium-high quality level of products.
In Italy is distributed to specialized shops while abroad it is managed by Exclusive Distributors.
Mura Brand shows a basic collection of more than 50 different stles and two seasonal fashion collection per year.
More than this there are many specific offers of fashion and basic during the year and high attention is paied to the packaging image.
MERI: second brand of the company is distributed to Organized Distribution and wholesalers.
Very trendy collection is completely market oriented in order to meet the up-to-date markets demands.

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