Ethical product

With the term 'ethical product', Calzificio MURA S.p.A. pledges to offer its valued customers products made using a production process that respects the environment and the rules and legislation on worker protection.

The everyday business of a leading company such as Calzificio Mura S.p.A. includes the set of actions, commitments and activities that may not be known outside the company, but are vital to attaining the objectives of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We firmly believe that results on their own are not enough, but the method with which the results are achieved is also vital.

The term 'ethical', perceived as a value of conduct in carrying out one's business activity, has always been an important reference point and a primary objective in the forty years of business of Calzificio Mura S.p.A.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Foundation, we have developed a self-certification process that represents a systematic method our Company can follow to deal with important issues such as the environment, workplace safety, and worker protection.

The efforts that have led to the definition of 'ethical product' began after we contacted our raw materials suppliers and the companies that work with us in carrying out the production phases (weaving, stitching, dyeing, ironing, assembly). After extensive studies, we asked each to issue the certificates that could ensure the quality of the products and the scientific declarations relating to the structural components of the raw materials and accessory materials used.

At the end of this phase, we were able to certify the ecological qualities of the materials used to obtain the finished product, which will either be completely free of toxic substances or contained in much smaller amounts than the maximum levels set forth by prevailing law in the European Union.

After this, we analyzed the various phases of our production process, highlighting the peculiarities that set our company apart.

We were assisted in this in-house research by legislative and regulatory research that could use legal references to authenticate the various parts of our project.

Our regulatory research included:

  •  the basic laws of Italy (Constitution, Italian Civil Code);
  • ordinary industry-specific Italian laws (Unified Code on the legislative orders on protection and support of maternity and paternity; Consolidated Safety Law);
  • European Community standards (OEKO-TEX Standard 100, REACH Regulation, Social Accountability 8000).

Our main objective is to make sure that our customers, and those who have relationships with Calzificio Mura, can rely on our company carrying out its business in respect for all the legislation regarding the textiles sector, worker safety and respect for the environment.

Furthermore, Calzificio MURA S.p.A. has always been committed to compliance with the regulations that the law has decided to not govern, which are usually qualified as 'ethical', such as:
the utmost respect and protection of the needs of working women, insistence on working only with companies located in the European Community, zero tolerance for workplace accidents.

Our dedication to this project has fostered a reflection within the company that has involved the company organization as a whole, from the production area to top management. All company members have made an active and enthusiastic contribution to reaching this common objective: working with pride each day to create a product that is high quality as well as ethical.

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